Our Story

Transport your tastebuds to Cairo!

Welcome to Cairo Nights Restaurant & Bar,
A hub for Egyptian & Middle-Eastern food lovers and enthusiasts.

We are an Egyptian family from Cairo, Egypt. You might know us as The “Casa Besta” family from our previous restaurant. We’re a family that take food very seriously!

We love food and feeding people!
We love everything Egyptian, everything about our city Cairo and above all, we love hearing our guests laugh and have a good time while connecting over a yummy Egyptian feast!

Cooked with love by Melbourne’s only Five-Star Egyptian Chef, Tharwat Bestawros (Sam).

He has been a Chef since 1987 and has extensive experience in creating authentic Egyptian, Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisine.

He not only brings his expertise and heritage to every plate he creates, he also takes your tastebuds on a culinary journey through the Mediterranean and Middle East with a final stop at his home city of Cairo!

Sam has worked in some of Australia’s and Egypt’s top 5-Star Hotel chains, like The Grand Hyatt in Melbourne, Hilton Taba, Sonesta Cairo, Taba and Hurghada.

He has also cooked for International, Australian and Egyptian celebrities and politicians including former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Janet Jackson, Peter Andre & many more.

His latest venture Cairo Nights Restaurant & Bar is the latest addition to Lygon Street’s diverse culinary offerings.

Cairo Nights is a haven for Melbourne foodies to experience Sam’s extensive knowledge, experience and passion that is evident in every plate he creates.

Awakening your tastebuds to a hearty & fabulous dinner experience.

Now indulge in your Egyptian feast, with every bite taking you back to Cairo!