Premium Juice: Mango, Guava Juice $10
Milkshakes: Strawberry, Caramel, Chocolate $10
Iced Coffee, Iced Chocolate $8
Lemon Lime Bitters, Red Bull $8
Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice $8
Aswan Hibiscus Cold Tea (Karkadeh) /Peach Ice Tea $6
Coke, Coke Zero, Lemonade, Fanta, Raspberry $6


A do it yourself Egyptian coffee kit $5 p.p.


Corona, Stella, Crown Lager, Asahi, Peroni $11
Rekorderlig, Premium Swedish Cider 330ml / 500ml $12 / $15
Strawberry & Lime, Wild Berries,
Mango Raspberry, Passionfruit


Glass Bottle

Squealing Pig, Sauvignon Blanc $12 $46
Tread Softly, Pinot Grigio $11 $44
St Huberts The Stag, Chardonnay $11 $42
Zonin, Moscato Veneto $10 $38
Brown Brothers Moscato $9 $32


Glass Bottle

Pepperjack, Barossa Shiraz $12 $46
Wynns Coonawarra, Cab Shiraz Merlot $11 $44
Devils Corner, Pinot Noir $11 $44
St Hallett, Gamekeeper’s Barossa Shiraz $11 $42
El Valiente, Spanish Tempranillo $10 $42
BYO WINE CORKAGE $20 (per bottle)

Please visit the bar to see our great selection of spirits & liquor


Toblerone $22
A creamy delight combining Baileys, Frangelico,
& Kahlua with ice cream.
Fruit Tingle $19
Sweet & exotic, this cocktail contains Vodka, Blue Curacao
& Grenadine.
Pina Colada $19
A delicate blend of Malibu, a special Pina Colada mix &
pineapple juice, will have you dreaming of a tropical holiday.
Cosmopolitan $19
A classy cocktail containing Vodka, Cointreau, lime juice
& Cranberry juice.
Espresso Martini $19
For that Coffee Hit, this must try contains Vodka, Kahlua,
Frangelico & a fresh espresso shot.
Vodka Red Bull OR Jager Red Bull $19
Reclaim your youth with a Vodka & Red Bull or a Jager bomb.
Mojito $18
This punchy classic contains Bacardi Rum, fresh mint,
lemon & lemonade. Perfect for any time of the year.
Vodka Karkadeh OR Tequila Karkadeh $18
An Egyptian classic, chilled karkadeh (hibiscus), with your
choice of Vodka or Tequila.
Vodka OR Tequila Sunrise $18
A refreshing mix of Vodka or Tequila and orange juice, stylishly
finished with a dash of Grenadine for a summer “sun rise“.


Egyptian Sahlab (sweet drink) $8
Hot Chocolate $7
Chai Latte, Dirty Chai Latte $7
Espresso $5
Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White , $5
Long Black, Mocaccino $5 Hot Apple Cider Tea $5

(Espresso shot, Soy milk, Almond Milk, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Caramel syrups $.80 extra per shot)


Egyptian Mint Tea $5 p.p.
Black, Spearmint, Peppermint, Camomile, Green $5 p.p.


Glass Bottle

T Gallant Prosecco DOC $12 $46
Jacob’s Creek Trilogy $11 $39


Glass Bottle

Prestige D’Adimant Rose $14 $48
Saint Louis de Provence, Estadon Rose $12 $44


Summer in Cairo $24
Travel to Cairo when you sip this cocktail, containing
Chambord, Vodka, Strawberry Schnapps & Strawberries.
Cleopatra’s Kiss $24
This tropical cocktail will make you feel kissed by the Queen
Herself. Containing Malibu, Banana liqueur, Passion Fruit
Liqueur & Tropical Juice.
Pharaoh’s Poison $24
Blue like King Tut, this cocktail contains Spiced Rum, Malibu
Cointreau & Blue Curacao. It’s sure to pack a punch.


Nefertiti’s Dream $16
A delicious Blend of karkadeh, Pineapple juice, aloe vera juice
& Tropical fruit pieces.
Egyptian Lemon Mint (MUST TRY) $14
This must try blend of fresh lemon juice, fresh mint & ice
is hard to pass up. A favourite here at Cairo Nights.
Mango Mojito $14
A delicious layered drink of Mango juice with Lime
and Fresh Mint.