Kebda Iskandarani $24
Veal liver marinated and pan tossed with chilli, garlic &
Chef Thawat’s special spices, served with a side of Tahini & our bread
Egyptian Waraq Enab (GF) $24
Vines leaves stuffed with rice, herbs & mince meat
Hawawshi $19
Spiced minced meat cooked in the oven in flat baladi bread
with onions, capsicum & chilli
Moumbar (GF) $19
3 pieces Sausage skin stuffed with special spicy rice,
tomato, onions & herbs
Dukkah Lamb Brain (GF) $19
Lamb brain coated with dukkah cooked in breadcrumbs &


Calamari $24
Fried calamari with aioli


Chicken Wings $18
Marinated & grilled chicken wings served with a garlic dip
Kobeba $16
3 pieces of ground meat with bulgur wheat, stuffed with
spices, pine nuts & onions
Lamb Sambousek (5 pieces) $15
Pastry stuffed with lamb mince, onions & spices
Cheese Sambousek (5 pieces) (Vegetarian) $15
Pastry stuffed with fetta cheese & herbs
Molokhia Soup $14
Egyptian stew served with our bread
Lentil Soup $14
Served with our bread


Selection of any 3 dips $27
Served with our home made fresh bread
Feta Cheese Dip $12
Mixed cheese with olives & spices
Garlic Dip (Vegan) $12
Crushed garlic puree with oil & lemon
Tzatziki $12
Yoghurt with cucumber & mint
Peri Peri $12
Chilli dip
Tahini (Vegan) $12
Sesame seed butter, vinegar, lemon & parsley
Hummos (Vegan) $12
Chickpeas puree with tahini & olive oil
Babaganoush (Vegan) $12
Grilled eggplant, tahini & garlic
Tourshi (Vegan) $11
Homemade mixed pickles
Bread Basket (Vegan) $6
x3 pieces of our home made bread


Lamb Tenderloin Salad $28
Grilled lamb tenders on a bed of salad leaves & Egyptian dukkah
Prawn Salad $28
Grilled prawns on a bed of mixed salad leaves with garlic,
lemon & olive oil dressing
Chicken Salad $26
Marinated grilled chicken on a bed of salad leaves with
special Egyptian style dressing
Greek Salad $18
Lettuce, fetta cheese, olives, tomato & capsicum
Salata Baladi (Vegan) $11
Tomato, cucumber, onion, lettuce with lemon & olive
oil dressing